Hydration is key:

Wherever you are with your water intake per day, we could probably all stand to increase that amount. We do not recommend a certain amount because we understand that everyone is different and we don’t want you to run to the bathroom every hour.

A good rule of thumb is that water should be the primary drink of your day, the main liquid you consume over the day. So, if you drink 2 cups of coffee every day then drink more than 2 cups of water every day.

Start off by drinking a couple glasses in the morning to start your day with hydrated cells.

We also recommend adding a pinch of sea salt or himalayan salt for electrolyte balance, or if you prefer, a slice of lemon. This added salt and/or lemon will actually help the water to get into the cells.

Also, filtered water is a must these days. Tap water can contain many toxins, chemicals and even pharmaceutical drugs that are not able to be filtered out of the water.

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Food is fuel:

Feeding your body poor nutrient food is going to give you poor results like fatigue, digestive problems, brain fog and over time even contribute to serious chronic diseases like diabetes and chronic heart disease.

Focus on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Try to make sure that half of your plate consists of plants (mainly veggies).

Eat a variety of green and yellow vegetables, roots, legumes, and grains (Going grain free or gluten free is also a very healthy move, but don’t stress yourself?) 8675777_s