Questions to ponder when considering BrainCore Therapy

1. Are the results from BrainCore Therapy permanent? 

After 20 sessions, the results are considered permanent in that neuroplastic changes have occurred.  This is shown to be the threshold for having creating stable connections in the brain.  Less than this has the potential to revert back to it’s previous stateAfter the first 20 sessions, some people choose to come 1 time per month or per quarter.

It’s important that these first 20 sessions be done at the frequency of twice per week.  In some cases, once per week is sufficient.  Dr. Yonce will evaluate each patient to ensure what frequency is appropriate for you.

2. How will we know we’ve achieved maximum benefit from BrainCore Therapy?  (How will we know when we’re done?)

We always start with 20 visits for most people this is enough change to stop doing the neurofeedback.

If you choose to stop after 20 visits, know that the child has a better functioning brain that they are using to relate to the world.  Changes will continue to occur, because neuroplacisity is a part of life.  Now that they are not habitually operating from a dysfunctional pattern, the brain function will continue to up-level over time.

20 is the magic number- whatever changes have been achieved at this point are permanent.

It’s also a good idea to nudge this process along after the initial 20 visits- depending on your particular situation, it may be recommended that you have follow up sessions of 1/month or 1/quarter to ensure that this change is happening as quickly as possible.

3What if my medication is working fine?  Why do I need BrainCore Therapy?

The fact that your medication is working may be a curse in disguise.  In many cases, you’re not solving a problem when taking medication; you’re covering it up.

We define ‘solution’ as when a person has achieved the results they seek without the crutch of medication.  Our natural solution does not evolve from drugs, but from the brain working better.  This type of change is lasting and real.  If you still have the problem when you’ve stopped taking the medication, then have you really achieved the solution?

4. How do we compare in NC and in the USA with regard to ADHD?

NC is nearly double in the people who are diagnosed and by the amount of prescriptions given to patients.  The USA comprises 5% of the world’s population and consumes 85% of the world’s Ritalin.  Lynard Sax, MD “Ritalin: better living through chemistry” 11/2000

5. How do we know BrainCore Therapy is working?

2 ways:

  1. The subject of reporting from the child and their family how things are changing.  Usually this happens within 5-10 visits.
  2. The objective way we see changes is that we do a brain mapping evaluation every 10 visits- we’ll be able to see the real changes in the brainwave patterns.

We will know in a quantitative way how the neurofeedback is being effective in each circumstance.