Join us at UNCA this Saturday, September 14th for the Autism Society’s Walk/Run for Autism Event

Helping bring awareness to natural safe and effective means to help children is very important to me.   It’s why I do what I do and it’s why I’m happy to support the Walk/Run for Autism.

I’ll be there all day to answer questions in our booth with Shannon Ledford of Juice Plus, which represents the piece that is important for children regarding whole food nutrition.

Read more about Autism Spectum Disorder and to learn more about the 3 categories of autism.

Why is whole food nutrition important for people with autism? 

Whole food nutrition is important for all people.  Whole food nutrition is especially important for children with autism because factors that make a positive or negative impact with most of us, impact children with impairments much more.  For example, processed food or environmental factors that you or I may be able to eat or process without noticeable side effects may seriously impact someone with a compromised immune system or challenges that already lower the bar for any adverse event to effect.

The idea of the canary in the coal mine comes to mind:  Children who have a compromised immune function or nervous system function are like the canaries and react differently to stressors.  They have compromised immune system- things in our environment, what we eat, drink and breathe, will affect them sooner than the rest of us.